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Impact of the PE Curriculum

The Impact of the PE Curriculum




By the time our children leave Gawber school, they excel in a broad range of physical activities (dance, games, gymnastics, OAA, swimming and athletics). They are able to execute a variety of motor actions including the coordination of fine and gross motor skills. Our pupils' proficiency in fundamental motor skills acts as a strong platform to help them navigate different sports and physical activities and also provide the knowledge for Gawber pupils to confidently and competently explore a greater range of them. Gawber pupils are able to sustain high quality physical activity for increasing lengths of time. 


There is a highly developed competitive spirit within our PE culture, but our children also have a deep understanding of fair play and sportsmanship. Gawber children know and can explain the ways in which they should prepare for safe and effective participation in different activities. By the end of KS2, our children are able to make positive choices when leading an active lifestyle.