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Class 3 - Terrific Tigers

Class teacher: Mrs Duck 

Link for maths lesson today:


Link for science today - lesson 5 on practical skills:
Link for maths lesson: 
Link for today's maths lesson on angles: 
Link to Angles 3 - 

Link to science lesson - we will do the heart beat experiment together this afternoon -  - link for lesson on angles today - link for the maths lesson on Oak academy - Oak Academy fraction lesson - Oak Academy last grammar lesson on complex sentences - fun song to explain determiners to help with today's 5 minute SPAG - link for a useful video on equivalent fractions.

Friday 22nd January link for science:

- link for fractions, continuing work from last week.

Science recap

Thursday 14th January

Tuesday 12th January

Link for fraction lessons for year 3 - lesson 2 today

Link for grammar lesson (start with lesson 1): 

Link for science lesson (start with lesson 1): 


MATHS - 11.1.21

Link for fraction lessons for year 3 - start with lesson 1

Friday 8th January 2021 - Home Learning

Cleopatra PowerPoint 25.11.20