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How we assess at Gawber


There are many ways in which we assess our children in maths at Gawber.

First and foremost we use formative assessment. Our school is a caring family school and we make it our mission to know our children really well. During maths lessons, we are constantly assessing our children and giving instant support and feedback. The staff use their day-to-day lessons to monitor progress such as using whiteboard answers, thinking thumbs, whole class responses etc. We use live marking during many of our lessons so that children receive immediate advice where needed and to also boost their confidence. 

We use pre-teach sessions, booster sessions and same day interventions to help children to further enhance their understanding. These are delivered by the TAs and the teachers. Alongside our daily maths lessons, we also have five a day lessons from Y2 to Y6, where children revisit previous learning and consolidate their knowledge and skills during short five minute activities. 

We enjoy playing maths games to apply our understanding such as bingo, splat, countdown, quick-fire number bonds etc.

Each class also provides children with weekly maths based homework which revises the objectives that have been taught or to revise times tables through playing games such as TTRS or Emile. 

In Y2 to Y6 we have regular arithmetic sessions to focus on fluency skills. Many classes also have a maths based Morning Task at least once a week to engage the children as soon as they arrive at school. 

Each half term, the maths lead assesses every class alongside our times table and number bond expectations to monitor progress throughout the school. The staff use the Ready to Progress assessments as a summative assessment, we also use the Ready to Progress criteria to help locate gaps in learning. 

In EYFS, the children are assessed throughout the year against the Early Learning Goals. The staff deliver maths lessons as a whole class, then have focus groups. Each child has a learning journal that shows their maths journey and their progress during FS2.