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Formative assessment

This is what our staff do every day. We are constantly checking what children know e.g. asking questions, using thinking thumbs, word waves, tell your partner, perform skills, demonstration of tactics etc. We use examples through modelling for the children so see what is expected from them.



Get Set 4 PE assessment tracker

The staff at Gawber use the assessment tracker for each area of PE they are teaching. This is based on specific objectives for each topic within our PE curriculum. This allows us to see the progress made by each individual child throughout the year.


Use of speaking and listening skills

Within our PE lessons, we encourage children to communicate and share their ideas. This enables us to assess what learning has taken place, what knowledge children can remember and the vocabulary they use. It also helps develop children’s social skills too.


Intra school competitions

We have mini competitions between groups and classes.

We also hold an annual Sports Day where children represent different countries to compete against other pupils in their class.  


Inter school competitions

Children are given many opportunities to take part in sporting competitions against other schools both individually and as a team.



Gawber offers a wide range of sport based activity clubs each half term. This allows children to explore and develop their skills across a range of sports.



Filming and photographs

We take lots of photographs and also film children during PE lessons. This can also help show individuals specific targets they need to work on. 


Special events and class visits

We have many special sporting events to allow our children to demonstrate their PE skills such as ‘Hit the ground running’, taking part in a fitness session with an Olympic athlete and also attending the numerous class visits that incorporate PE skills.  


Physical Development Interventions

We use interventions such as Jump Ahead (KS1) and Fit to Learn (KS2) to help specific children develop and refine their fine and gross motor skills alongside PE lessons. 

Summative Assessment

At Gawber, we have 'ready to progress' statements for each unit within PE to assess children's ability to apply their knowledge and skills.