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History in Gawber

Planning the history board

The school council have been working alongside the Gawber history group to produce a new history board for the Gawber trail. This board is all about the different schools that have been in Gawber over the years. 

The school council have helped with the planning and designing of this board.

Once it is made, it will be positioned outside of the school gates so make sure to come and see it!       



Checking over the board

After spending lots of time with the Gawber history group, we finally had our first draft. We were the first people to see the board and we had to check it over before it was finalised. 


Time capsule

While we were waiting for the final board to be produced, we organised and put together a time capsule which would be buried beneath it. This way we could share all of the amazing things from our school with the future of Gawber! 
We discussed our idea with Richard from the Gawber history group and he loved it! 

The final product!

Finally, you can see all of our hard work!
The Gawber history board is up. It is located near our school at the bottom of the drive and can be accessed by the public. In many years to come, you will be able to find out what we buried inside our time capsule.
We'd love to see your pictures with the board! Post them on X, tag us and use #GawberHistory

A very special thank you to the Gawber history group for their help with designing and finalising the board. 

The grand opening!

We recently met with the local councillors, Trevor and Alice Cave, as well as Richard from the

Gawber history group to complete the grand opening of our new history board. 

We were all so excited to see the board in real life and have the opportunity to be part of
Gawber's history.