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Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond in Science!

Children at Gawber are excited and eager to explore the 'magic' of Science.


We nurture the children's love of Science by providing them with ample opportunities to explore Science in a range of ways by going 'above and beyond' the norm!


Here are some of the ways we go 'Above and Beyond' in Science:


  •  Whole school themed Science and STEM Days


   Our annual Science and STEM days are highly enjoyed by both children and adults alike. A theme is carried through the whole day with a wide range of scientific activities set up for the children to enjoy. It allows children to explore new areas of science, recap previous knowledge in different scenarios and helps develop a wealth of scientific skills. Previous themes for our Science days include Harry Potter (magic based science), Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (food based science) and Science Fiction (forces and space based science). 




  • Whole School celebration of World Science Day 


 This year every class took part in celebrating World Science Day with a focus on developing enquiry skills. Each class took part in enquiry based science in which they got to ask and answer their own questions covering a range of Science topics.




  • After School Clubs in both Science and STEAM


     All Children have had the opportunity to be involved in an afterschool STEAM or Science club. These clubs provide opportunities for children to take part in practical, hands on and varied investigations and experiments. It allows children to develop their problem solving skills as well as their enquiry skills as they work independently, in partners or as a group to complete the scientific tasks.




  • Young Science Ambassadors


   Young Science Ambassadors is an outstanding national scheme that allows pupils to take the lead in championing and raising the profile of science across the school.

   At their training this year, our 4 Young Science Ambassadors were equipped with bags of confidence, heaps of science activities and a big box of accessible equipment.

   The children experienced a range of hands-on practical activities and learnt the science behind them.

    They received a set of lab coats and a big box of kit to help them perform a range of science based roles at school.

   So far, the Science Ambassadors have carried out 2 whole school assemblies, helped plan a Science Day and are helping lead Science Clubs for younger children.


'Empowering pupils to lead science in school' Young Science Ambassadors