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Caring for our environment

We love and care for our planet.


As part of our most recent project, we are encouraging parents to turn their engines off while they are waiting for their children to finish school. Leaving your engine running, known as idling, pollutes the air which will affect our breathing. We will spend some time coming down to the car park to hand out little reminders in case anybody forgets. 


According to the Living Streets and the British Lung Foundation, there are lots of benefits to our children and families when we switch off our engines: 

- It stops us from breathing in harmful fumes from idling vehicles. This can reduce the risk of several health problems. 

- The air quality improves. 

- The average emissions of a vehicles are 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year - by switching off your engine you can help to reduce this. 

- Drivers can save money by not wasting fuel when a car is switched on unnecessarily. 


For more information about idling cars, Living Streets have produced an anti-idling toolkit:


All children have the right to a good health, clean water and a safe environment (Article 24 UNCRC).


Our notice to parents on the news letter