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Design Technology

The teaching of Design and Technology at Gawber Primary will follow the Kapow scheme of learning to achieve the outcomes set by the National Curriculum.


All year groups cover the topics:

  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Mechanisms and mechanical systems
  • Structures
  • Textiles


Key Stage 2 also cover:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Digital World

All projects encompass aspects from the design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge strands to create a cohesive progression throughout each year group.

The Design and Technology Association states that ‘virtually everything around us has been designed and engineered in some way’. This accentuates the importance of the skills mastered and the experience children have of Design and Technology to enable them to understand how things work and have the skills to make their own creations come to life!



Please view what the children at Gawber Primary have been up to by using the #GawberDT on the School Twitter page.

At Gawber, we are passionate about providing experience of a variety of skills and topics that are progressive to ensure a cohesive approach to teaching and learning throughout School.  Each year group has a skills progression for each topic covered attached to this page.


Please also find a vocabulary progression document taken from Kapow showing the key vocabulary taught within Design and Technology lessons. The vocabulary progression enables children to learn technical names for equipment and talk like an expert as they develop their love of Design and Technology.