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The Gawber Community


Gawber Primary School is situated in the lovely little village of Gawber in Barnsley.


Gawber children love to work with the Gawber community. 

We are a #caringfamilyschool 

The Gawber Pop-Up Museum and Summer Fair

Bringing the community together


"Thank you for all your efforts putting on the 50 years of Gawber School presentation.  It really was a very enjoyable reminisce of our wonderful childhood at a very special school." -  Gawber resident who went to Gawber School in the 1960s and visited the Pop Up Museum 


In 2023, Gawber Primary celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of the school on its current site. In order to mark this occasion, the school decided to hold a special summer fair and ‘Pop Up Museum’ where all of the proceeds contributed positively to the school’s ever challenging budget.  

Staff and children at the school worked hard to produce special edition items to commemorate the anniversary, all linked to the school’s mascot - Jeffrika the giraffe. Keyrings and tea towels designed by the children were sold. Children also had the opportunity to adopt their own Gawber giraffe as well as enjoying some traditional (and some not-so traditional) summer fair games.



This event however, was designed to go much further than celebrating the 50 years of the current school site. The idea behind the event was to bring the whole community together to celebrate the wonderful community of Gawber – past and present.



Gawber School have been working closely with the Gawber History Group for some time now and they have provided the school with a wealth of photographs, information and memorabilia to help teach the children about the local community.

This was something that Gawber School wanted to share with the community and so the Pop-Up Museum was designed to do just that. It was a celebration of Gawber children past and present. It was a celebration of those that have lived in the community all of their lives and those who are lucky enough to have just recently joined. It is a celebration for anyone who feels the connection to, what we like to call, THE GAWBER FAMILY.

The Gawber History Group

Our School Council work together with the Gawber History Group to learn all about the history of our lovely village. 


Together, we are creating the 5th history board to add to our village for all residents and villagers to enjoy. Here we are collaborating with the history group to create this board. 



St Thomas Church

Our church is at the bottom of our school drive. We love to visit the church and take part in special services. 


Greenworks Plus 

Our friends at Greenworks Plus volunteer at our school, helping to enhance our outdoor environment. 



Here they are working with our 'mini monsters' to improve the outdoor learning. 



We work with Twigs to help improve our environment! Here we are planting bulbs. 


Litter Picking! 

We help to keep our community clean.





BAYD are a group of volunteers who are passionate about the artistic heritage of the district of Barnsley.

They work with our children to excite them about their hidden artistic heritage with its rich variety of exceptionally talented individuals who rose from Barnsley’s past communities and families.

They provide our children with opportunities to learn about and to celebrate the fine paintings, sculptures, carving, photography, architecture and other means of artistic expression that have been created by Barnsley people. 


Performing for the Gawber Community 

Our Year 5 and 6 children take part in events to entertain the community at Christmas. They join local people from the community, singing festive songs, making festive crafts and spreading festive cheer as the lights on the trees were switched on. 





Age UK Barnsley 

Our children wrote messages to those who are lonely at Christmas, hoping to spread some festive cheer. We are always thinking of others. 



Barnsley Hospice 

We try our best to help raise money for Barnsley Hospice. The hospice is just a short walk from school and so each time we raise some money, we take a walk to deliver it to our friends at Barnsley Hospice. We work with them to do different fundraising events in school and we help to promote their fundraising events too. 


Barnsley Food Bank 

We give back to our community. 

Charity Coffee Mornings

We invite the local community into school to help us raise money for charities.