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School Council

School Council 2021-22

Introducing the Gawber School Council representatives 2021-22!

These children have been elected by their peers to represent the voice of our children. They seek to help improve the school, listening to the requests of the children and liaising with the staff and parents. They focus on the learning that is happening in school, the school environment and any issues raised by the children. They are ambassadors for excellence and equality.

Reading Leaders 2021-22

Introducing the Gawber Reading Leaders 2021 – 22

The main job of a Reading Leader is to promote the love of reading in school! They have many responsibilities such as maintaining the library, rewarding our weekly reading stars, modelling reading with other children in school etc.

Well-being Ambassadors 2021-22

Introducing the Gawber Well-being Ambassadors 2021-22

These children focus on the well-being and safety of the children in school. Using our specifically designed well-being space, they lead sessions where they help children to discuss and deal with their worries. They model good behaviour constantly and are available at playtimes and lunchtimes to support their peers with any problems that may arise.