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The Impact of the Art and Design Curriculum

The Impact of the Art Curriculum at Gawber


“Every child is an artist”

-Pablo Picasso


At Gawber, we celebrate the individuality of each member of our Gawber Family and so the Art and Design Curriculum at Gawber provides children with the experiences, tools and confidence to develop their own unique style. Art and Design is loved by children and adults across school and children continually develop their own artistic style to express their true selves. By the time children finish Key Stage 2, they have produced creative work, having explored their own ideas and recorded their own experiences in a variety of ways, after being introduced to a variety of styles and artists.


By the time children leave Gawber they can draw using expression, perspective and mathematical processes. They can paint with purpose and work is sustained ways to complete a piece. They can discuss their compositions with regards to their intended effect. Children can combine materials and techniques to fit a sculpture design technique and can consider scale when creating mixed media pieces. Children justify their choices during the design process and explain how the work of influential practitioners has influenced their final outcome.


By the end of KS2, children are knowledgeable about the work of different artists: painters including Pollock, Mondrian and Monet; printers including Warhol and Hokusai; architects including Hadid and Hundertwasser. Children can talk about their preferences when it comes to art and artwork and explain how the work of others has influenced them and their own creations.


Children continually improve their enquiry skills and inquisitiveness about the world around them, and their impact through art and design on the world during their time at Gawber. When they leave, they continue their education with the same love, creativity and confidence in their own ability to be an artist.