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Mrs Malpass and Mrs Wright are the class teachers.  Mrs Malpass teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Wright teaches Thursday to Friday. The teaching assistant (HLTA) in class 2 is Mrs Griffiths.   Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Duck cover the PPA and leadership time for the class teachers. 








PE for your child is on Wednesdays and Fridays.  If the weather is suitable, we will have some lessons outside so can you please provide your child with an indoor and outdoor PE kit on these days.  In your child’s PE kit they will need navy or black shorts, a white t-shirt and for outdoor PE a pair of trainers, navy or black jogging bottoms/leggings and a navy or black sweater or hoodie.    All earrings must be removed before the PE lesson by the child or a parent at home before coming to school on that day. 





Your child will receive spellings every Friday to practise at home.  On the following Thursday, your child will be tested on these spellings.  Your child may have some spellings repeated if they are words your child is still unsure of.  Please can your child bring their spelling book to school every Thursday. The first set of spellings will be sent home on Friday 8th September.



Every Wednesday your child will set a maths homework task in their homework book.  The homework task will reinforce their current maths learning in class.  Please can all homework books be returned by the following Tuesday.  The first piece of homework will be sent home Wednesday 13th September.



All children have been recently assessed on their reading and grouped accordingly.  Every Monday your child will bring home their new reading book/s and reading record. 

In the reading record can you please record down when you have listened to your child read their school book at home. These records and comments are really important and keep us informed how your child is getting on with their reading at home and if there are any issues we need to address in school.


Please can your child bring their reading record and reading books to school everyday in their book bag.  The first set of Reading Books will be sent home on Monday 11th September.


Library Books


On Wednesdays, your child will select a library book they would like to borrow to share with their families at home.  These books are pitched as age appropriate books for your child but they are not decodable like their Read Write Inc books.  The aim of these books are to develop a love of reading through the enjoyment of sharing and reading these books together at home.  Please can your child return their library books every Wednesday so they can select a new book each week. 




We award merit stickers in class for good behaviour, working hard, being kind etc.  These stickers are stuck in children’s individual merit cards.  Children receive bronze, silver and gold merit stickers for filling their merit cards.    In addition we have table points, children can earn points for their table.  These points are totalled up each week and the table with the most points receive a prize from the treasure box! 


Keeping in touch

Any messages to be passed on or any queries can usually be addressed through speaking to one of the class 2 members of staff on the door when children are dropped off in the morning or collected at the end of the school day.  If you are unable to speak to a member of the Class 2 team, then you can contact the school office and a phone call or meeting can be arranged with Mrs Malpass or Mrs Wright. 




Please can you select your child’s lunch using the online system as it saves a lot of time during registration. This includes if they are having a packed lunch too.



How you can support at home



Reading Top Tips

It is important to listen to your child read their school book regularly at home, ideally daily. This regular reading and re-reading of their book encourages confidence, fluency and an ability to read with emphasis and expression.  (Please see prompt sheet how support your child when reading their Read Write Inc book).


It is also important to develop your child’s ‘Love of Reading’ alongside developing their ability to read.  This can be developed in lots of ways including listening to stories being read, sharing stories and visiting the local library. 



Writing Top Tips

To support your child’s writing progress can you please encourage your child to do the following when ever they are writing at home.

  • Always use a clear and correctly sized capital letter to start a sentence.
  • Clear finger spaces between words.
  • A full stop to finish a sentence.
  • Encourage your child to sound out unfamiliar words using their phonic knowledge to help them spell using FRED FINGERS.  (see prompt sheet)
  • Encourage them to spell Year 1 common exception words correctly and words using the spelling rules learnt (e.g. words learnt in their spellings and words on the attached spelling list.)




Maths Top Tips

For the first half term, our focus for our mental maths will be the recall skills your child learnt in Year 1.  Any practise of these skills would be beneficial as a good understanding and the quick recall of these skills gives children confidence in maths and a good basis to build on when they extend their recall skills in year 2.   These skills can be practised whenever and where ever for short bursts, either orally, playing games or even using the recommended websites on the sheet in the pack.


  • Number bonds to 5 speedily in head

   E.g. 2 + 3 = 5

     4 + 1 = 5

     0 + 5 = 5 etc


  • Number bonds to 10  speedily in head

   E.g. 0+10=10

3+7 = 10

5+5 = 10 etc


  • Number bonds to 20 speedily in head

E.g. 10+10=20

1+19 = 20

7+13 = 20 etc


  • Confidently count forwards and backwards in 2’s (up to 24), 5’s (up to 60) and 10’s (up to 120). 


  • In addition confidence in recognising and writing numbers 2-digit numbers correctly.


  • Confidence in counting forwards and backwards in ones to and from 100 as well as starting from different numbers.


  •  A good knowledge of the relationship between numbers – e.g What number comes before 45?

What number number comes after 68?  What number is between 27 and 29?  What numbers come between 51 and 60?








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