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School Values

Our School Context:

Gawber is proud to be an outstanding school, located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The school was built in 1974 although there has been a village school at Gawber since 1856. We are in a semi-rural setting with lovely views of countryside and farmland. The school is on a single level site which makes access to all areas very easy. There are seven class bases and a small classroom used for group teaching. An extension was opened in 2005 and this houses a purpose built Foundation Stage classroom, Year One classroom a computer suite and the staffroom. 


Our Mission Statement:

Gawber Primary is a caring, family school. We aim to provide every child with an excellent educational experience, which is enjoyable, stimulating and safe, enabling them to reach their full potential. We are a small school, but we have big ideas and do not set limits on what our children can aspire to and achieve.


We firmly believe that once you are part of the Gawber family, you remain part of our family forever.


Our Vision

Gawber Primary is a caring family school with reading at the heart of our broad and energising curriculum that embeds all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed for our children to be successful in their future life, both academically and pastorally.  By the time children leave Gawber Primary they are enthusiastic, independent learners who have the resilience to enable them to succeed in the next steps of their education. At Gawber, we embed a lifelong love of learning.

We expect that children make good progress from their very different starting points and go on to achieve the very best outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics. We also expect them to be successful in a much broader range of outcomes. They are positive learners, self-disciplined, good attenders, punctual, respectful, healthy and fully aware of the challenges of the 21st century.

At Gawber Primary, we know all of our children very well.  Our children are well cared for, happily challenged and nurtured as individuals. We provide a unique ethos in which children, families and the community all greatly contribute towards our school motto: ‘a caring family school.’


Our Aims:

  • Happiness and enjoyment make learning fun
  • Gawber is a positive and open door school
  • We are individual and learn in different ways
  • We care for our environment and it supports our learning
  • We have high positive expectations
  • Our school celebrates our many gifts and talents
  • We are all teachers and we are all learners


Our Values:

Enjoyment and enthusiasm

Tolerance and understanding

Resilience and perseverance

Kindness and compassion

‘A caring Family school.’