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School Values

Gawber is proud to be an Outstanding school, located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The school was built in 1974 although there has been a village school at Gawber since 1856.

We are in a semi-rural setting with lovely views of countryside and farmland.

The school is on a single level site which makes access to all areas very easy.

There are seven class bases and a small classroom used for group teaching.

An extension was opened in 2005 and this houses a purpose built Foundation Stage classroom, Year One classroom a computer suite and the staffroom. 


Shared Vision

  • Happiness and enjoyment make learning fun
  • Gawber is a positive and open door school
  • We are individual and learn in different ways
  • We care for our environment and it supports our learning
  • We have high positive expectations
  • Our school celebrates our many gifts and talents
  • We are all teachers and we are all learners