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Impact of RE Curriculum

Impact of RE Curriculum

We want our children and young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Our RE learning gives them the knowledge, skills and understanding to discern and value truth and goodness, strengthening their capacity for making moral judgements and for evaluating different types of commitment to make positive and healthy choices.

By the time pupils leave Gawber they will have a good understanding of 6 different religions – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Our pupils will carefully consider issues of belief and truth in religion and will have a deep understanding of the religious festivals of Christmas and Easter. Our pupils will have the capacity to think coherently and consistently and to evaluate thoughtfully their own and others’ views in a reasoned and informed manner. Pupils will be able to research, select, interpret, and analyse information from religious traditions, reflect and question their own views and ideas and those of others and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.


By the end of Key Stage 1, Gawber pupils have explored the Christian Faith and studied Judaism and Islam. They are able to tell you about belonging, commitment, kindness, forgiveness in their world and can verbalise and express their own thoughts. They can recall facts about the religions they have studied, begin to use the religious vocabulary and start to explain the significance and meaning of the facts and practices.


By the end of key stage 2 pupils will have explored Christianity and the five other principal religions. They will talk about how the concept / belief resonates in their own life and can also see how this might be different for other people because of their religion/beliefs. They can express their own thoughts having reflected on them in relation to other peoples. They can recall facts about religions and explain differences in practice and interpretation within and between religions / belief systems.


The RE Curriculum at Gawber instils personal resonance with or reflection on a given concept or religion, a knowledge and understanding of world religions and evaluation/critical thinking in relation to an enquiry question. Children at Gawber begin their secondary education journey well prepared for the knowledge and challenges that Key Stage 3 will bring. We know our RE teaching plays an important role in preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning.


‘Education is the key to unlock the door of freedom’