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Clever Cats

Welcome to the Clever Cats 2023 - 2024

Our Teachers are:

Mrs Ronson (Mon/Tues/Wed) Mrs Crossley (Thur/Fri)

Our TA's are:

Mrs Dexter and Mrs Barton in everyday and Miss Jones in every morning. 

On Monday and Friday we have PE with Mr Wood. 

Our learning for this year:

The fun we have in EYFS!

Autumn  1 Term 


This is our first half-term in school and we are learning about rules and routines, belonging to a family, Autumn and observing changes around school, what we are good at, naming body parts and how we have changed from birth. 


                             Autumn 2 Term   








This half term we are learning about the 'real super Hero's in our community'. People who work in school, police officers, fire fighters, dentist's, doctors and nurses, farmers, builders and vets. 

Spring Term 1



Our topic this half-term is called 'Food, Glorious Food.' We will learn where fruit and vegetables come from, taste, prepare and make different kinds of food, and talk about our likes and dislikes.

                                Spring Term 2 

Our topic this half term is called 'Travel and Transport.' We are learning about the wider world and comparing where we live to Kenya and Antarctica. We will find out about these places through non-fiction texts, the internet and stories, and talk about which modes of transport we would use to explore different places. 

                                            Summer Term 1 This half term, we will enjoy listening to traditional tales such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Little Red Riding Hood.' We will learn to become storytellers, re-telling these familiar tales in our own words and using vocabulary from the books. We will also tell stories through song and imaginative play. 

We love reading in Clever Cats. Here is list of books you could read at home:

Ways to help at home: 

Maths games

Phonics game

Counting game