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RE Assessment

Gawber Primary School

RE Assessment

We are constantly assessing the children’s understanding of the religious concept we are teaching in RE lessons, here at Gawber. Listening to pupils’ helps us assess their understanding. Each topic has an underlying question, which by the end of the unit the children will be able to answer giving valued reasons. The current question, is displayed on the RE display in each classroom.



Prior knowledge: An opportunity for pupils to share knowledge that they already know about a particular religion. Checking prior learning and understanding,  gives the teacher a baseline, so they can adapt teaching as needed. If pupils have little or limited knowledge of a particular religion, teachers may wish to start with a stand alone lesson teaching some basic principles, to help give the future learning context.

Recapping at beginning of each lesson: This might be in the form of a question to answer or discuss, partner talk, flashback questions, videos. photos etc.

Plenary: This assesses the children’s understanding of the content of the lesson taught.

Answering the Unit Question: This is introduced at the start of the unit and is given to the pupils at the end of the unit. This answer can be verbally given or written down.